Since 1983, San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program (SDVLP) has changed the lives of thousands of poor women, children and men throughout San Diego County. A private, non-profit organization, SDVLP is the county's oldest and largest pro bono legal services program.

SDVLP serves the most vulnerable members of our community: the homeless, abused children, domestic violence victims, elder abuse victims, veterans, immigrants and HIV/AIDS sufferers. Notably, more than 75% of SDVLP's clients are women and children.

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  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Guardianship Law
  • Family Law
  • AIDS Law
  • Children & Youth Law
  • Unlawful Detainer Clinic
  • Services to the Homeless
  • Services to Non-Profit Organizations

SDVLP's award-winning staff is comprised of 20 legal, administrative and support staff. SDVLP currently boasts more than 3,000 registered volunteers, including lawyerslaw students and others.

SDVLP is supported by grants and service contracts from public and private agencies, foundations and professional organizations, as well as contributions from businesses, corporations, law firms and individuals. Over the past twenty years, SDVLP has successfully expanded its scope of services to the needy. Each year, more than 6,500 clients are assisted. Unfortunately, resources are limited. In these difficult economic times, funding has decreased while demand for SDVLP legal services has increased. Consequently, SDVLP must still turn away an alarming number of disadvantaged San Diegans who desperately need the help that only a lawyer can provide.



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